Top Scary Movies 2013

The top scary movies of 2013 are here! This year has not been the best year for horror flicks, but there are some genuine scares among all the cheap fake blood, CGI and overused cliches.   Our list for this year of favorite horror movies will be a growing one as we look for more indie horror films to hopefully bring some balance to 2013.  Here is the list, in order of our highest standards to lowest regards.  We bring you our top scary movies of 2013!

Dark Touch Review (2013)Top Scary Movie 2013 #1
Dark Touch Score: 92%

“Traumatized and emotionally unstable, Niamh attempts to recover from the tragedy, but lives in isolation as she is rejected by the other children at school because they cannot fathom her ordeal. She soon discovers that she may possess telekinetic powers as strange occurrences begin to take place in her presence.”

Dark Touch truly sets itself apart from other horror movies by creating a true horror atmosphere and story where most modern horror films sell out for cheap gore and gratuitous sex.  The bone chilling murder scene of Niamh’s parents is horrendously graphic and may be off putting to most viewers.  If you have the stomach to withstand this scene, you will be rewarded with one of the top scary movies of 2013. See our full review of Dark Touch (2013).

warm bodies review 2013Top Scary Movies 2013 #2
Warm Bodies Score: 85%

“Boy meets girl. Girl tries to kill boy. Boy eats girl’s boyfriend’s brains. In a post-apocalyptic world infested by brain-devouring zombies, a group of humans make a last stand for the survival of the human race, gathering and stockpiling supplies to beat off the zombie horde. Can the humans deal with the fact that not all zombies are killers?”

A gloriously cryptic and unlikely love story, this ZomRomCom (Zombie Romance Comedy) introduces an aspect of the zombie craze that is new and refreshing. While in a majority of zombie-themed movies, the ill-fated zombies are treated as nothing but cannon fodder with no feelings or ability for rational thought or action, Warm Bodies presents the softer and more ‘human’ side of a zombie. One of our favorite scary movies of 2013! See our full review of Warm Bodies.

Mama Movie Review 2013Top Scary Movies 2013 #3 Mama Score: 72%

“Two little girls, sisters Victoria and Lilly are left all alone in a deserted cabin in the middle of the woods when their father is brutally murdered by… something. Years later, they are found starving and feral, and are recovered by their uncle who never stopped searching for them, who adopts them in hope of rehabilitating them. The presence of an entity who watches jealously over the girls, something they call ‘Mama’.”

We had extremely high hopes of seeing a great movie with the news of Guillermo del Toro directing.  Pan’s Labyrinth was a dark, haunting, and amazing film. While definitely a weird and enjoyable film, Mama does not set itself apart as Pan’s Labyrinth did.  There are some great scenes that make this movie a winner on our list of top scary movies of 2013. See our full review of Mama.

Dark Skies Review 2013Top Scary Movies 2013 #4 Dark Skies Score: 32%

The Barret family face their own struggles, with the father Daniel’s extended unemployment and the couple’s troubled marriage. The family’s youngest son Sammy begins to act out and strange incidents begin to occur within the house. The family to believe that their son has been ‘chosen’ by aliens who wish to abduct him. The Barrets must stand together in unity to overcome the alien menace and save their son. 

Dark Skies has been criticized for employing the basic and terribly cliché horror devices, and that rather than attempting to break out of the generic alien movie mold, it has set itself ever more firmly into it. The scene where the parents wake up to their utensils mysteriously stacked up is a perfect analogy for this movie, confusing and unimaginative while trying to be thoughtful and scary.  Among the bottom of our list for horror movies for 2013.  See our full review of Dark Skies.

The Last Exorcism Part 2 Review (2013)Top Scary Movies 2013 #5 The Last Exorcism Part 2 Score: 20%

“Young Nell, fresh from the horror of abuse by the demonic cult which held her captive and giving birth to the spawn of hell is hidden away in a halfway house for distressed young women. A psychic and her companion exorcists determine that the devil still lives within her and conduct an exorcism. When the exorcism proves unsuccessful, they determine that the only way to exterminate the demon is through ending Nell’s life.”

Rather than focusing on the horror aspect, Part II reads as a teenage coming-of-age romance story, making friends, giggling about boys and twirling round and round in pretty dresses which stretches for precious minutes at a time, making you wonder whether you’re watching a horror movie or chick flick. All in all this movie was a massive let down.  See our full review of The Last Exorcism Part 2.

Haunting in Connecticut 2Top Scary Movies 2013 #6 The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia Dark Score: 12%

“The Wyricks move into a house with a rich historical past, one involving the Underground Railroad which secretly transported slaves to their freedom. Andy and Lisa’s daughter Heidi, a bubbly and vivacious child, soon develops her family’s hereditary ability to see and communicate with the spirit world.”

We actually enjoy this movie because it’s so bad it’s so good. The definite high point of the movie is the appearance of the Stationmaster who conducts a little impromptu taxidermy on Lisa’s sister Joyce, stringing her up by the mouth and throat like a marionette doll. While no one will watch this film a second time, its so terrible that a first watch through can be fairly entertaining. See our full review of The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia.

Insidious Chapter 2 Review 2013Top Scary Movies 2013 #7 Insidious: Chapter 2 Score: 10%

“Josh Lambert is all grown up and has forgotten all about his abilities and astral projection. Twenty five years later, Josh’s Wife Renai is overcome by doubt and fear due to the murder of Elise and the idea that her husband may be involved.”

While the original Insidious was a perfectly balanced masterpiece, the sequel sadly falls short of the expectations of fans, all whom have waited a good three years to watch an equally brilliant continuation of the movie. The title itself shows the lack of care put into the movie, which may as well see to it that Chapter 2 will definitely mark the end of the book. One of the worst scary films of 2013, see our full review of Insidious: Chapter 2.

scary movie 5 review 2013Top Scary Movies 2013 #8 Scary Movie 5 Score: 7%

“Charlie Sheen is murdered by an invisible paranormal entity while making a sex tape with Lindsay Lohan, who is arrested. Again.  Sheen’s three children are reported missing. Sheen’s brother Dan Sanders and his wife Jody adopt the children and try to integrate them into their lives. Meanwhile Jody auditions for the role of Swan Queen.”

Lewd, insensitive and sometimes genuinely chuckle-worthy, Scary Movie 5 continues to draw audiences who approach with the expectation of a few pop culture references, gags, antics and unapologetic toilet humor.  However unlike their previous installments, this film bombed in theaters.  We couldn’t agree more with audiences and rate this movie as the worst flick of 2013.  See our full review of Scary Movie 5.

Top Scary Movies 2013…over?

We will continue to add to this list as we find and watch more horror films from 2013.  We can only hope that we will find some great indie horror movies as the majority of terror flicks this year have been a flop.

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